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About Me


Ever since I was a little girl, people have mocked me for the simple fact that I go out of my way to rhyme. Former classmates still tell me I should have grown up to be a poet. Current coworkers laugh or roll their eyes at me daily as I attempt to make rhymes out of my everyday responses.

A few years ago, I started making invitations and cards for friends and family as a gesture simply because I love helping people and it is a challenge for me to make a piece rhyme and be something personal they will love. As odd as it sounds, I find it to be a fun endeavor and am excited when it works out to everyone’s liking!

I have a bachelor’s degree in Secondary Education English & Social Studies and a master’s degree in Adult Education & Training. I have taught, worked in corporate & healthcare, tutored students of all ages as well as worked retail.

Let me add a poetic touch, bring out the senses, as well as create emotion in your special piece to help make it something everyone will love. A piece that will not just be words, but a keepsake.

Orchestrating meaningful words for all your writing needs